Inviting the body to change - can change a life.

The Whole Child Associates incorporates traditional occupational therapy philosophies and methodologies with alternative bodywork which includes Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) and Craniosacral Therapy (CST) and Reflex Integration.

Janet Schultz-Mroz's training from the Upledger Institute, Integrative Manual Therapy Seminars, and the Chikly Institute incorporates a gentle, hands-on therapeutic intervention that considers all the systems of the body: nervous system, skeletal system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, craniosacral system, lymph system, digestive/ gastro-intestinal system, and fascial system. These techniques promote structural and postural changes and healing. Creating positive, invited changes in the body, and integrating optimal function.

Listening and inviting the body to change through this approach promotes long term changes. Incorporating the extensive understanding of human development with this unique hands-on approach is being recognized by my accomplished colleagues and families that have experienced other approaches. 

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Why The Whole Child Associates?

Highly Trained

  • I am a licensed occupational therapist and massage therapist with over 30 years of pediatric experience

  • I am continuously  developing my therapeutic skill level to better serve my clients

  • My work is being recognized by my accomplished colleagues and families that have experienced other approaches

Treatment Approach

  • I consider how the body's various systems may be impacting a child's overall function 

  • I meet the child where they are at, at that moment, and “Provide Resources” and “Invite” the body to change. By inviting the body to change, the change is most likely to be a long-term, change versus a change that is not long-lasting.


  • Meet the client where they are functioning

  • Learn the client's goals and passions

  • Utilize the client's interests and passions to meet their own and their parents/caregiver's goals they have for their child

  • Work with the child, family, medical specialists, outside therapists, and school personnel to better help the child

Janet Schultz-Mroz The Whole Child Associates Oak Brook IL

"Only a few months ago we feared our 2-year-old might be autistic. Today, we can chat away with our very hardworking son, who is improving with behavior, motor skills, and can now do a variety of his age-appropriate tasks. Janet always so creatively found clues in his response and behavior to adjust the type of task, type of exercise, adjust the massage, in effect creating such customized personal therapy for him.   Communication with Janet was fantastic and we felt our son got the best-specialized care under the sun he so needed."
- Anna