pediatric occupational therapist 

Frequently asked questions

What are your office hours and appointment times?

We see clients Monday-Friday between 7:30a - 6p. Please indicate when contacting us your preferred days and times. Please arrive on time to avoid impacting another client's session.

Do I need a referral or prescription to see you?

Yes, prior to your first visit a current Occupational Therapy Prescription is required. Please see our FORMS AND PROCEDURES page for more info.

What are your COVID procedures?

Please see the tab on the top of the website menu labeled "Covid Protocals". We thoroughly clean between clients, wear proper mask and face shield and have 2 Air Doctor air purifiers that operate 24 hours a day at our office. We require each patient to complete a COVID SCREENING FORM before visiting and take precautions to limit interactions with other clients.
If the client or the person bringing them into the clinic has had a FEVER,

We ask that the person be Fever-free (without the aid of medication) for at least seven days prior to returning to the clinic.

When you arrive for your appointment, please text or call the office to alert them you have arrived so that you may wait in your car until the room has been cleaned.

Do you coordinate treatment with other clinicians?

Yes! We would love to be part of a whole team to address challenges: with parents, teachers, therapist and other medical professionals who have evaluated or worked with your child.

What do I need to know about regarding insurance?

Clients are required to submit a PAYMENT/ INSURANCE BILLING FORM as well as a CONTACT AND INSURANCE FORM before his/her first visit. All insurance plans are different but most do not allow 2 OT sessions to occur in one day. Please consider other appointments before scheduling with us. Due to insurance plans vary, families should contact their specific insurance company to verify benefits. When inquiring, please determine if Janet Schultz-Mroz from the The Whole Child Associates is within your network plan and what that plan includes. Families are encouraged to contact The Whole Child Associates Billing Company directly: Jennie Parker at QTB Billing 815-513-3654 phone 815-795-2111 fax jparker@qtblimited Email Send Jennie a copy of the front and back of your insurance card Policy holder’s name Child’s full name Your Child’s birthdate Medical diagnosis code that was assigned by the doctor

Where do I find the Forms I need for my first visit?

The FORMS AND PROCEDURES tab on the website menu takes you to all of our printable/downloadable FORMS.

How many sessions should I plan on scheduling?

I recommend to families to try 6-8 sessions and determine if this approach is a good fit at this time for your child.

What should I bring with me to a session?

When you visit, you may consider bringing items that help "regulate" your child to help the treatment session to be more sucessful. Items such as:

  • snack/drink
  • Ipad with favorite apps
  • Favorite toy or book
  • Chewy toy or pacifier

What can I expect for my/my child's first visit?

Evaluation appointments are generally 60 minutes. Treatment sessions are 60 minutes. If your child has had a recent physical or occupational therapy report or medical tests, the report and test results can provide valuable information to consider during the assessment process. Please read "What forms should I bring" in FAQ as well as our printable "First Visit Checklist" on the Forms and Procedures page at the top of the website.