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Our Services: Our Services

We specialize in the Treatment for Children with the Following Diagnoses:

Neuromuscular Disorders

Development Delay




Sensory Processing Disorders


Cerebral Palsy

Down Syndrome

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Learning Disabilities

Brachial Nerve Plexus


The Whole Child Associates Elmhurst, IL

Breastfeeding Difficulties

Sensory Processing Abilities
fine motor development The Whole Child Associates

Focusing on the Evaluation of: 

Motor Skills

Sensory Processing Skills

Activity of Daily Living Skills

Specializing in the Treatment of: 

Overall Strength and Endurance
Postural Alignment and Motor Control
Fine Motor Development / Visual Motor Skills
Sensory Processing / Regulation Abilities
Bodywork for infants with breastfeeding issues

Recovery of Orthopedic / Sports Injury
Attention Abilities

"Janet is the best of the best.  She is so insightful and observant.  She has a gentle yet very effective approach to facilitating changes.  After a session with Janet, my baby has been able to learn new movement patterns that she hadn't been able to do before.  We've also seen the long term benefits of strengthening, coordination and body awareness. She has such creative ideas to motivate little ones.  She is so dedicated to the kids she works with and very encouraging to us parents that are in need of it!"
- Jessica

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Oakbrook, IL

Highly Trained

I am a licensed occupational therapist and massage therapist with over 30 years of pediatric experience

I am continuously  developing my therapeutic skill level to better serve my clients

My work is being recognized by my accomplished colleagues and families that have experienced other approaches


Licensed Occupational Therapist since 1986

specializing in pediatrics

Licensed Massage Therapist since 2004

Certification in Neuro-Developmental Therapy

Certification in Sensory Integration

Specialized training in Integrative Manual Therapy

Training with the Chikly Institute

Training with Rhythmic Movement Training International

Treatment Approach

I consider how the body's various systems

may be impacting a child's overall function 

I meet the child where they are at, at that moment, and “Provide Resources” and “Invite” the body to change. By inviting the body to change, the change is most likely to be a long-term, change versus a change that is not long-lasting.

I treat children with various diagnoses including:


Prematurity/Developmental Delay

Cerebral Palsy

Chromosomal Disorders

Sensory Processing Disorders/Autism Spectrum Disorder

Dependent on the needs of the client, the child's typical occupational therapy goals may be achieved by the following interventions:

Integrative Manual Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy

Myofascial Release

Sensory Integration

Neuro-Development Therapy

Reflex Integration

Infant Massage


Meet the client where they are functioning

Learn the client's goals and passions

Utilize the client's interests and passions to meet their own and their parents/caregiver's goals they have for their child

Work with the child, family, medical specialists, outside therapists, and school personnel to better help the child

I work collaboratively with other occupational therapists and therapeutic disciplines.  There have been circumstances when a child was referred by a therapist due to the child's development has seemed to have plateaued.  Often, after 8 sessions of traditional and non-traditional OT intervention, the child resumes services with their ongoing therapist but at an improved level of skill.


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